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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services help to ensure systems tested are not as easily hackable as ones that aren't tested. This means team members think like a hacker but they are on your side and work to help point out exploits, flaws or other weaknesses in various systems, networks, applications and appliances. Knowing where the weak points in various systems are as well as advice on how to secure given weaknesses ensures your systems are more secure. You can count on us to ensure your systems are as secure as possible. We're your gateway to more secure systems.

Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability analysis is different than vulnerability testing. Analysis is a lighter level of penetration testing in the sense that only testing for various vulnerabilities but they are not taken advantage of in any way and instead are simply reported to our client. We don't usually recommend utilizing this type of service as it does not come even remotely close to mimicking the actions a real world bad actor or black hat hacker would usually perform.

Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability testing is different than vulnerability analysis. Testing is a bit more "invasive" as a vulnerability is first found and then exploited to determine it's impact on the business it may have if a bad actor decided to do the same. This step is a part of our usual penetration testing and is included in the testing service. This service is one we do recommend if full blown penetration testing is not desired as it more closely mimics real world bad actor actions.

Malware Analysis

Malware is nasty business. In some cases the malware can be extremely dangerous and in other cases it's fairly harmless and does nothing more than deliver ads to your computer allowing the author to earn money at the expense of your computer systems. Analyzing malware can be a dangerous task as even in a virtual machine, some malware has been known to exploit the virtual machine and infect the host! Analyzing malware aids him determine how it functions, what it's programmed to do and some times can tell you about it's authors. The primary purpose of malware analysis is to produce a signature so software the can detect and remove the unwanted software.

Digital Forensics

When it comes to legal action following proper forensics analysis steps is absolutely critical or the case may be at risk of being thrown out of court. Special hardware called "write blockers" are essential to preventing changes to drives that are being investigated. This tier of service is, currently, among our premium services due to how crucial proper handling and the added expense of proper equipment such as write blockers are.