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In many cases penetration testers will utilize Metasploit, which while is a fantastic tool, and we even will utilize it, however, it should not be the sole tool utilized during testing as it can result in the tester missing vulnerabilities. The tool can also become a crutch that testers lean on and in the end they wind up limiting what the tester can do. Testers that exclusively utilize this tool can be considered "script kiddies" as a pose to tester who knows how to utilize debugging tools, know assembly language and can reverse engineer code to determine how it works. We thrive on learning the best way to meet our customer's needs. We go the extra mile and don't simply utilize one free tool for our penetration testing.

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Viruses aren't a fun thing to deal with, let us help you.

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When it comes to penetration testing systems, confidence is an important factor. We will NEVER disclose the details of any issues found on any of our clients systems. Our discretion if of the utmost importance to ensuring your systems remain safe and secure. Nothing ruins a partnership or a business relationship quicker than violating trust. You can count on us to keep your information secure, confidential and we'll never share or otherwise utilize our findings to cause harm to your systems and our relationship.

Continuous Education

As a team we're never satisfied with our level of knowledge. We maintain subscriptions to various resources, we are constantly growing our library of books and we practice in our virtual labs on a regular basis. We've developed our own exploits as well as utilize existing tools such as Metasplot, nmap, aircrack and other tools of the trade. Our thirst for knowledge is never quenched and this is a part of what drives and motivates us. You can benefit from this hard work by allowing us to help secure and protect vital networks, computer systems, applications, appliances and other devices that are mission critical for your business. Gateway Security Solutions: Your gateway to more secure systems.

What about us separates us from the rest?

We are a part of the human race, we know mistakes happen and we know that in many cases the best way to learn is by failing. If we fail you in any way, our top priority is to determine what happened to help prevent the same mistake from recurring and more importantly we will correct the mistake as our first order of business. We believe fostering and maintaining healthy business relationships is key to our continued success. Lots of people say their customers come first, but we don't just say it, we know without you we wouldn't exist. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we look forward to establishing a long lasting relationship with you!

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